Friday, February 17, 2012


Examination is familiar with all of us. Extermination plays a vital role in student life.It help to measure a student performance or quality or merit.If a student fails to cross the examination,he is  never promoted to the next class.At the end of an academic year every student has to sit for in the examination.There are different types of examination i.e. viral test,written test,practical experiment,reading test,listening test etc.

Almost all the subjects are designed in such a way so that every student can acquire a minimum qualification after a definite academic year.There must be numbering system or grade point to calculate a student performance.This is a must for a student future education also.

Everywhere in the world there are some public examinations after a required time of span.The student who are able to cross their internal examinations,they will attend this public examinations.In some countries, there are Primary school certificate examination,High school certificate examination, Graduation examination etc.

These examinations are run by the country or educational authority to evaluate students merit.